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William Eubank



Star=Vincent Cassel

This pretty much looks like Alien. Except, underwater. HI PEETAH. “Im making a cake under water, can you believe that?”.


Reminding me a bit of a comic called The Wake.

18:24 is that... a sith padme

Hes gonna need endlantis to beat the dragon. OH MR' D.J DEEP SENSE,thank you for uploading that fantastic, emotional, sensitive, touching track. my late boyfriend and I saw RUFUS in live concert in BRISBANE few years back and his present on stage is mesmerizing. peace on earth and one love for all. ILAN HABA from AUSTRALIA X. X. X.

Love the new format & visuals. u guys have always been amazing at delivering great content but you all have out done yourselves by focusing on & mastering the delivery. Much love & keep up the great work. See what u can do when u r not a third world country like the USA, from America.

Always build in first person it makes it a lot easier and my favourite houses to build are modern houses. On dirait alien. Wow en ny favorit hos mig❤️❤️❤️. 00: 04-00: 08 What could be violin music? Help me out of what? Love it. ดันมาเป็นหนังงานเซอเวย์ อาชีพผมเลย ผมทำงานเซอเวย์น้ำมันดิบ เอาซะกลัวเลย. I ain't no biologist, but i read about the creature at 8:57 It's actually really small, it gets that trashbag look cuz it has many many tendrils that make goo to catch sea junk and potential food as it floats around somewhat helplessly. He walked up to the flame turret like he knew it wasnt loaded. You're probably better off watching Leviathan. At least you get Robocop's actor and a few other familiar actors. November 2019. Why is this in my YouTube recommends? lol.

Titanic be like Your here wherever you are. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your music! SO PEACEFUL and SO SOOTHING.


I raided my underwater compound! It was full of my rockets! I did'nt put them. Note, the “worm” wasnt in an egg sac, it was in a corpse, feeding, and they suppose it was perhaps a larva. Amazing. Who came here just to see first of the comments. 😂.

Alexandra Daddario should be the CW Wonder Woman to Tyler Hoechlin's Superman

Doesnt matter if this movie fails at the box office, its a win for me because I fucking loved it.



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